Accept and use GH¢2 coins – Bank of Ghana


Ghana’s national bank, the Bank of Ghana has asked all Ghanaians to acknowledge and utilize the GH¢2 coins.


This call comes after the controller had declared on Monday a steady eliminate of the memorial GH¢1 and GH¢2 notes from the framework.


Legislative head of the BoG, Dr Ernest Addison during the 102nd Monetary Policy Committee (MPC) question and answer session in Accra on Monday 27th September that “Both the GH¢1 note and the GH¢2 note would ultimately be eliminated in light of the fact that they are not savvy as far as the printing cost.

“[These are] takes note of that circle generally, and they return extremely torn and ruined and they are truly challenging for our money handling machines to process…”

He added, “We have parcels and bunches of GH¢1 noticed that we can’t measure. So the view for the more drawn out term is to pretty much escape the GH¢1 and GH¢2 notes and utilize the GH¢1 and GH¢2 coins.


“You will review that this is a note [GH¢2] that was given as a dedicatory note…Commemorative notes don’t take note of that you keep on printing.

“Also, consequently, what we have done over the most recent two years is to present the GH¢2 coin. You would anticipate that, at last, it would pretty much assume the part that the GH¢2 note is playing


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