TECNO’s CAMON 18 Premier Certificated by T�V Rheinland for Low Blue Light of Eye Protection and Safe Fast-charge System





TECNO ( www.TECNO-Mobile.com ) today announced that its latest smartphone to release in Oct——TECNO CANOM 18 Premier has received two new internationally recognized TÜV Rheinland certifications respectively for Low Blue Light (Hardware solution) and Safe Fast-charge Systems. This will provide consumers better eye protection and safety of fast charging for long-time phone usage.


The negative harm to eyes from blue lights of the PC and portable screens is a turning into a warmed theme as of late, particularly with the expanding extended periods of time of cell phone utilization in day to day existence among weighty telephone clients and even young people and youngsters. As per numerous industry investigates, blue light enters right to the retina and an excess of openness to blue light can harm light-delicate cells in the retina and may even prompt long-lasting vision misfortune for customers. While blue light can actually be found all over the place, it is most unreasonably present in PC and telephone screens, and fluorescent and LED lights. TECNO’s CAMON 18 Premier withLow Blue LightCertification from TÜV Rheinland will furnish purchasers with best eye care conceivable.


TÜVRheinlandisaworldleaderinlaboratorytestingandproductcertificationaccordingtoISO,IEC,andotherinternationalstandards.TheTÜVRheinlandeyecomfortcertificationisaccreditedbyTÜVRheinlandforavarietyofrelevanttechnologiesincludinglowbluelightandphotobiologicalsafetyforsmartphones. As a TÜV Rheinland’s Low Blue Light (Hardware Solution) certificated items, the CAMON 18 Premier can move the pinnacle of blue light external the scope of 415nm-455nm where it’s viewed as the most grounded and possibly the most risky blue light frequencies, to give solace to your eyes the entire day and decrease in general force utilization. To ensure that no trade offs were made to the showcase of the CAMON 18 Premier, wide shading range testing was directed to guarantee that clients can appreciate both low blue light for eye insurance and clear tones.

Other than the eye security from Low Blue Light, a protected quick charging framework will give buyers a straightforward cell phone insight with quick, effective, and dependable charging while support the battery life. With 33W blaze charge, the CAMON 18 Premier guarantees over 64% in 30 minutes and a full charge in less than 68 minutes.

TECNO is a rising star of worldwide cell phone brand intended to serve youthful purchasers from worldwide developing business sectors who are peruse constantly better chances of future. With “Remain determined” as its image embodiment, TECNO is focused on opening the best contemporary advances for those reformist people, giving them stunningly planned items that motivates them to reveal a universe of potential outcomes.


Disseminated by APO Group in the interest of TECNO Mobile.

About TECNO: TECNO is a premium cell phone and AIoT gadgets brand from TRANSSION Holdings. With “Remain determined” as its image substance, TECNO is focused on opening the best contemporary advancements for reformist people across worldwide developing business sectors, giving them exquisitely planned astute items that rouses buyers to reveal a universe of potential outcomes. TECNO comprehends the requirements of buyers from various business sectors and gives them restricted advancements and plan leap forwards exhibited through their authority of serving shoppers who are “youthful on the most fundamental level” and never quits seeking after greatness. TECNO’s portfolio ranges across cell phones, tablets, keen wearables and AIoT gadgets made for purchasers in more than 70 developing business sectors around the world. TECNO is additionally the Official Partner of Manchester City, Premier League Champions 2020-21. For more data, please visit: www.TECNO-Mobile.com .

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