There is disquiet within the ranks of the Ghana Air Force – Ablakwa alleges



Samuel Okudzeto Ablakwa, MP for North Tongu, has claimed that there is some type of uneasiness inside the positions of the Ghana Air Force with President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo’s inclination for lavish airplane worked by an unfamiliar team.


As per him, the Ghana Air Force staff accept they are expertly prepared with verifiable dedication to ensure the security of the president, yet they are not being utilized.


The Ranking Member for Parliament’s Committee on Foreign Affairs in a post on his Facebook course of events named ‘An open letter to President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo,’ addressed how far the President will go with his own solace to the detriment of Ghanaians and what he implied when he talked about ensuring the public handbag.

He further showed that, President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo owes Ghanaians direct clarification in the genuine soul of straightforwardness and responsibility with regards to why he likes to rent airplanes at a shocking expense for the experiencing Ghanaian citizen.

Samuel Okudzeto Ablawka composed:


“As Commander-in-Chief of the Ghana Armed Forces whose Air Force’s Communications Squadron is liable for the Presidential Jet, you owe Ghanaians direct clarification in the genuine soul of straightforwardness and responsibility regarding why you like to rent airplane at a shocking expense for the experiencing Ghanaian citizen as opposed to flying the Falcon bought by an administration you were a basic piece of at a fabulous expense US$37,150,000.00 in 2008. (See Parliamentary Hansard of nineteenth March, 2008).

“Ghanaians merit and request to know from you why you lean toward outsider extravagance airplane worked by unfamiliar groups when our observed Air Force experts with undeniable dependability prepared at massive cost to the citizen ensure better security for our leaders — an activity making extensive uneasiness inside the positions of the Ghana Air Force.

“Ghanaians need to realize exactly how far you will go with narcissistic individual solace to their detriment and precisely what you implied by ensuring the public tote? They additionally need to know burdening share in this time of financial difficulty and what part of the weight you are liable for?”

The NDC MP saw that while the President was away in the States going to the UN General Assemby, numerous Ghanaians were inquiring “if the all around striving citizen presently needs to deal with your conspicuous Arabian-lord style voyages while also bearing the expense of different presidents utilizing our Presidential Jet?”

He contends, a lot of residents are contemplating whether Ghana isn’t in an ideal situation spending the large numbers being scattered on your extravagance contracts on buying another airplane to fulfill the President’s guidelines — “a standard clearly way over the consideration of every one of your archetypes from Presidents Kufuor through Mills to Mahama. (Strikingly, records accessible to us in Parliament reveal that you have as of now spent in overabundance of GHS100million on unfamiliar voyages alone).”

The MP likewise asked why the President chose to show up in Ghana at 1.41 am on Monday, September 27, at the Jubilee Pavilion rather than a legitimate greeting at the air terminal like the ones Ghana sorts out in praising the appearance of COVID-19 antibodies.

“I note that it’s been a serious long return trip as you were constrained to reroute for refueling at the Amílcar Cabral International Airport in Cape Verde at about 20:43GMT on Sunday […] As you might have discovered when you arrived at the Jubilee Pavilion, your partner, Liberian President George Weah has returned in one piece our Presidential Jet – the Dassault Falcon 900 EXE which you allowed him to use in your nonappearance.

“Mr. President, numerous Ghanaians particularly NPP allies and your representatives would have wanted to truly invite you back home at the air terminal in amazing style following your much-promoted discretionary endeavors in the US, in any case, you appear to favor a Nicodemus appearance […] This should be extremely abnormal for an administration that puts together elaborate welcome gatherings to get COVID-19 immunizations at the air terminal but then we are not managed the cost of the advantage to invite the incredible moderator who made it conceivable in any case for Ghana to get these antibodies. Despite the fact that haters and Jeremiahs as you like to depict them will guarantee you showed up at that unholy hour to try not to pry eyes as you make your imperial strut landing strides, I wouldn’t be astounded in the event that you answer that the Jeremiahs ought to be derisively overlooked,” Okudzeto Ablakwa’s post read further.

He went on: “Sir, your stunning quietness on this matter which is basically about your own thoughtless activities has arrived at a crescendo which is as of now not viable. At any rate, be adequately strong to freely guard your activities in case you are to be sure pleased with them.

“Deferentially, deciding on self-important quiet but deciding to unshakably resist public shock by constantly leasing these extravagance beasts should be the tallness of lack of respect any president on the planet at any point displayed to the very individuals who chose him.”

“My partners and I would not rest until we secure full responsibility for the Ghanaian public. As you cautioned in your debut address, we won’t be a lesser accomplice to the chief and I dare add that neither will we be your lackeys,” Samuel Okudzeto Ablakwa concluded

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