Sosu arrest warrant: NDC MPs unhappy with Machiavellian tactics


NDC MPs are despondent with regards to a court warrant for the capture of a partner


So has been the subject of criminal summons from the Police


His capture is associated with a dissent he drove against terrible streets on October 25

Minority Members of Parliament are miserable with regards to the court warrant of Monday, November 29, 2021, given for the capture of Madina MP, Francis-Xavier Sosu.

Ahmed Ibrahim, the Minority Chief Whip in a meeting with Joy News expressed that they thought that it is stressing that the Police will press ahead with the case when roads of commitment have been initiated between the Ghana Police Service and Parliament.


At the time the Kaneshie District Court gave the warrant, Sosu, a Deputy Ranking Member on Constitutional, Legal, and Parliamentary Affairs Committee of Parliament was taking care of true obligations on the counter LGBTQ+ Bill formal review.

“It is extremely lamentable and I figure this shouldn’t have come right now. This is the time the two players are calling for commitment. Is that how you lock-in? These are Machiavellian strategies.

“Where we are present, Ghanaians are not kidding and they are hanging tight for us as their kin to have the option to stop a portion of those issues that are going on so in case you say you will draw in me and you begin assaulting me, will I remain there?” he tested.

Tested such that this was a request from the court, Ahmed Ibrahim reacted: “Who took him under the steady gaze of a court and what was the side of the Speaker? “Didn’t the Speaker and the IGP commit?”

As indicated by him, the IGP had requested to concede the arranged gathering with the Speaker of Parliament adding that assuming the Police were true, the issue won’t get to this stage.


“He came to work … I figure our legal advisors will deal with that once the request gets to him however I don’t think it has gotten to him since that should get through the Speaker,” he added.

He focused on that the police can’t capture him … “mind you, this is a pivotal time that Sosu is dealing with the financial plan that will bring forth the compensations of even the police and the actual court, we are in an urgent time,” he added.

The Ghana Police Service established criminal procedures against the MP after he drove his constituents to exhibit against awful streets on October 25, 2021.

Mr. Sosu is charged and being investigated for unlawfully obstructing streets and making annihilation public property in an exhibition he drove in his supporters against terrible streets more than a month prior.


He has since the beginning of the case not shown up in court with the Speaker of Parliament, keeping in touch with the sitting adjudicator on two events to illuminate him that the MP is out of the country on true obligation.

Following purposeless endeavors by the police to impact his capture and have him show up in court for a conference, the Speaker of Parliament for the subsequent time said the MP couldn’t go to court as he is taking care of parliamentary obligations outside the country.

“I have been coordinated by the Rt. Hon. Speaker to bring to the consideration of the Hon. The court that the Hon. Part is going to at the procedures of the third Meeting of the First Session of the 8th Parliament, which started on Tuesday, October 26, 2021, and is additionally as of now representing Parliament and the Country in a gathering in the United States of America,” the Speaker told the court in a letter.


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