Lord Commey drags JJ, Konadu into why NPP must retain power in 2024



• Lord Commey has approached the decision NPP to hold power come 2024


• In coming to his meaningful conclusion, Commey alludes to proclamations by the Rawlings’ at various occasions


• He contends that holding power is an aggregate liability the party can’t stand to miss

The Director of Operations at the Presidency, Lord Oblitey Commey, has hauled the Rawlings’ into why the ruling New Patriotic Party, NPP, should attempt to hold power past 2024 when next races are held.

As indicated by Commey, remarks by the late previous President, Jerry John Rawlings, underlined why having and practicing political force was significant.


GhanaWeb was available when he conveyed comments at the Greater Accra Regional meeting of the NPP on Thursday, October 14, 2021.

In the wake of talking about his choice not to challenge the Chairmanship of the party as had been broadly supposed, he said his advantage was not who driven the party as executive or flagbearer yet that the NPP holds power after 2024.

“When ex-president JJ Rawlings, the western world was coming down on him, ‘the time has come to surrender to a popularity based principle in Ghana,’ he said ‘handover to whom?’

“There was a sure First Lady in this country who is as yet alive. She let us know straightforwardly in plain language, that assuming we needed a seat for JA Kufuor to sit on, we ought to go to Kumasi Magazine and get one for him, did you not hear that?” he inquired.

He submitted further that those remarks and acting by the previous First Couple showed that holding political force was of the essesnce.

“It lets you know that what you call power, if God awards it to you and you don’t hold it well, how it will deal with you? It doesn’t really matter to me who becomes National Chairman and who becomes flagbearer, what I care is that the NPP keeps on administering in this nation, power, power, power. It is a big deal ooo,” he told a cheering social event.

In related issues, he hammered the NPP reliable in the locale for large Parliamentary misfortunes in the 2020 decisions and said it was a gouge on their aggregate records.

As for the party’s mantra of “Breaking The Eight,” Commey said there was nothing similar to that since all hands should have been put at hand to guarantee that President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo gives up to a NPP flagbearer.

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