If you die for NDC, the party will also die for you – Mahama to supporters


Previous President John Dramani Mahama has told allies of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) to make a solid effort to guarantee that the party wins power in the following general decisions.


Tending to allies of the NDC in the Western Region on Thursday October 14 as a feature of his thank you visit, he guaranteed that if the allies commit suicide for the party to win power, the party will respond their work and not fail to remember them.


“We ask all of you to try sincerely and take the party back to control.

“At the point when you try sincerely and we come into office we will not fail to remember you, the party will not fail to remember you.

“On the off chance that you kick the bucket for the party, the party will likewise bite the dust for you when we come into office.


“Do that and we come into office we will not fail to remember you, we will compensate you for your persistent effort when we come to control.”

He further communicated positive thinking that the NDC will win the 2024 decisions with restored energy and responsibility.

“At the point when I said sink or swim, I implied we will buckle down. I emphatically accept that God will give us triumph in the following races.

“NDC will win the 2024 decisions with resuscitated energy and illustration gained from the 202 races,” the Presidential Candidate of the NDC in the 2020 races told the allies.

Prior in the week, he visited the Esatern Regional House of Chiefs to express gratitude toward them.

Around there, he noticed that occasions are hard for Ghanaians under the Akufo-Addo organization.

He said food costs and different products are expanding consistently.

“Fuel costs are rising, each day the siphon costs go up,” he said.

He added “For this present year numerous associations are discontent with the arrangements that occurred where a unimportant 4 percent was given to them” when those of Article 71 office holders have been given more extensive addition.

“Despite the fact that you do free SHS you have no positions for them to do when they come out. Times are hard and individuals enduring, food costs are going up. consistently the costs are expanding,” he pushed.

“These are things that are not going on well and I trust Nananom (Chiefs) will talk about it,” he said.

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