Elected’ Bagbin is indeed number two, not ‘dismissible’ Bawumia – NDC



Speaker Bagbin is unavoidably more remarkable than VPMahamudu Bawumia


Bagbin as of late refered to a Supreme Court Justice as coming to that meaningful conclusion


A NPP MP concurs in light of the fact that dissimilar to Bagbin, Bawumia was not chosen

Rockson-Nelson Dafeamekpor, Member of Parliament for South Dayi, has focused on that intrinsically, the Speaker of Parliament is the second in order just behind the President of the Republic.

He upheld a new remark by SpeakerAlban Bagbinthat a Supreme Court judge had asserted that holder of the workplace of Speaker was the number two most impressive individual by law kept by the Chief Justice, as head of the legal executive.



Dafeamekpor offered the remarks when he showed up on Accra-based Joy News PM Express program that broadcasted on Thursday, November 25.

I think he (Bagbin) is number two in light of the fact that in the plan of things, we never decided in favor of a Vice President so he is docile to the President, he submitted.

At the point when found out if the Speaker was casted a ballot into office, he reacted: The method for doing that (deciding in favor of a Speaker) not really set in stone, so that was a public, public political race.

In a subsequent inquiry that the Vice President was important for the President and the Presidency, he explained: Yes, connected yet he can be sacked tomorrow, the president can excuse him tomorrow, so Speaker is to be sure number two. Indeed, our consideration was attracted to that by a Supreme Court judge.

As indicated by him, the anonymous Justice disclosed to a get-together that included Members of Parliament that to the degree that the administration structure contained the Executive, Legislature and Judiciary in a specific order, their separate chiefs should be positioned same.

At the point when you start from His Excellency the President, you need to go to the Vice before you go to the Speaker and afterward you go to the Chief Justice, he said of the known progressive system.

Then, at that point, proceeded: But we have three arms of government my associates in the Supreme Court let me know that really, you are not number three, you are number two. Every one of the people who were available at that gathering were persuaded when the Supreme Court judge made the accommodation and defended it.

It isn’t me saying it. I have said I am number three yet they said I am number two. The three arms of government the Executive, the Legislature and the Judiciary are equivalent arms of government, and should be treated thusly.

What the law says about official powers

Article 60(11) of the 1992 constitution peruses: Where the President and the Vice-President are both unfit to fill the roles of the President, the Speaker of Parliament will fill those roles until the President or the Vice-President can fill those roles or another President accepts office, by and large.

In the initial term of the Akufo-Addo government, Speaker Mike Oquaye went about as President without a trace of Akufo-Addo and Bawumia, nearly 12 months since the subsequent term began, there hasnt emerged the requirement for Bagbin to be given official powers.

Resigned Bagbins ascend to Speakership

On January 7, 2021, as the current Parliament assembled to choose a speaker, his name sprung up as the favored up-and-comer by the primary resistance National Democratic Congress as against the candidature of the then cordial speaker, Aaron Mike Oquaye, of the overseeing New Patriotic Party.

After a malevolent democratic cycle which included yelling and flinging of denunciations by Members of Parliament-choose, kicking of casting a ballot stalls and grabbing of polling form papers, not to discuss a tactical attack of the chamber,Alban Bagbinwas chose speaker.

Whiles the NDC demands he won the vote by and large, the NPP said he was an agreement up-and-comer between the different sides of the house. The NPP consented to get it done on the grounds that they had an official initiation to join, where occasion the Minority had said they will blacklist.


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