You’re the worse IGP ever appointed’ – Captain Smart tells Oppong-Boanuh




• Captain Smart says previous IGP is more awful at any point selected


• He said he misled the Police Officers that they will get pay augmentation and it didn’t occur


• He noticed that Police Officers purchase their own garbs

Skipper Smart, the host of Onua FM morning show, has expressed that previous IGP, James Oppong-Boanuh, is the more awful Inspector-General of Police at any point selected in Ghana.

As indicated by him, the previous IGP and the current government misled the Police officials with respect to their compensation increase before the races, “yet individuals are saying I ought not let him know that he is the more terrible IGP at any point selected in Ghana.


“Allow me to tell you on power that Oppong-Boanuh is the more awful IGP at any point selected in Ghana. Oppong-Boanuh, any place I stand I will let you know that, you are the more awful IGP,” Captain Smart said on Thursday’s release of his show.

Chief Smart tested the previous IGP to let him know what precisely he did before he was prevailed by Dr Akuffo Dampare as the acting IGP.

“Show me one thing that you accomplished for the Ghana Police Service under your residency as the IGP. You find the opportunity to sit on TV and radio and boast concerning how the Police Service will see an addition in the compensation of its work force and an entire IGP will permit government officials to utilize that as a premise of winning races and subsequently the augmentation that they merit doesn’t come.

“Today, some Professor is saying that the individuals who do such a task don’t merit 4% addition in compensation. His better half isn’t part. See, do you know the quantity of cops that were killed in light of the fact that they were working indefatigably to ensure us, regular people, in the night when we are snoozing? You have no clue; we have seen in this nation how cops are killed like fowls… ”

He proceeded: “Cops utilize their own reserve funds in purchasing the greater part of their outfits, particularly their boots which they wear to work. Today, a Ghanaian government can’t however a legitimate boot for the cops…

“Today when they are expanding their compensation, somebody will sit some place and say that, they don’t merit [it]. Today, cops purchase their own regalia, the public authority can’t accepting the outfits for themselves and the cops can’t say it… they purchase their own beret… ,” he pushed.

Commander Smart’s remarks return at the of certain remarks made by Prof Stephen Adei concerning pay increases for public area laborers.

Prof Adei was cited to have public area laborers ought to have had no compensation rise this year.

He showed that no gathering of laborers ought to have had any compensation increment considering the way that Ghana’s economy was disturbed by the COVID-19 pandemic and the nation got dove into a financial emergency.

On 18 August 2021, some abused public area laborers exhibited in the public capital, Accra, against the proposal of 4% and 7 percent ascend in their base compensation for 2021 and 2022, individually.

They were likewise not for the 6% and 8 percent ascend in the public the lowest pay permitted by law for 2021 and 2022, separately.

Prof Adei in a response noticed that instead of unsettle, laborers should count themselves fortunate for the proposal of 4% compensation rise.

“… individuals saying [the] 4% [pay rise] isn’t sufficient; really, frankly, it ought to have been zero percent. Indeed,” he told the Class FM in a meeting broadcasted on Wednesday, 29 September 2021.

“The circumstance in the nation is with the end goal that aside from that – I should qualify it – you can’t say zero percent for themselves and others get 70% or get an increment.

“It ought to have been zero in all cases on the grounds that the message ought to have been sent that we are in an emergency, in this way, we can’t have ‘Monkey dey cleave, primate dey work,” he clarified.

“The president has come out but, in Ghana, the uplifting news isn’t uplifting news. The president has said that all the increment which was suggested, he won’t acknowledge it; just as his bad habit and his priests, and you know, it was only a tiny blip on the radar.

“He [president] gave the guidance directly all along and what he has done is that, still, naturally, the Controller and Accountant General paid it into his record so he was discounting it. In any case, whatever it is, if it is from the clamor [of Ghanaians], in case you are a pioneer, it’s a genuine model. It says that: ‘We are in trouble and thusly, I’m going for nothing’. Then, at that point, the others should realize that their 4% is really higher,” Prof Adei said.

“Yet, the parliamentarians should come out and say something rapidly,” he focused.

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