Your embassy should have done background checks – Sam George jabs Dutch ambassador over visa denial



Sam Nartey George, the Member of Parliament for Ningo Prampram has blamed the Dutch Embassy for not practicing due perseverance in their refusal of the visa application by partner MP for Tamale North, Alhassan Suhuyini.


Sam George in an online media post condemned the government office for not directing adequate historical verifications on Suhuyini prior to denying his visa.


He portrayed as ‘feeble’ the explanation given by the government office for the refusal, asking the minister to ‘regard’ the discretionary conventions.


“On the off chance that the Embassy had additionally quite recently taken a look at the foundation of the candidate, the feeble reason of absence of social ties would not have been given as motivation to deny the visa. Regard MUST be common and proportional. The decision of course is yours Sir. Pick admirably. Good health.”

Sam Nartey George was reacting to a tweet by the Netherland Ambassador to Ghana, Jeroen Verheul, who had clarified prior that people who are declined visas should spread the word about their interests to the government office as opposed to utilizing media stages to get down on the consulate.


Jeroen Verheul in a response to a GhanaWeb story recognized a hole in correspondence and urged the Ghanaian administrator to regard the relations between the two countries.

“In the event that the visa candidate just addressed us straightforwardly, rather than through the media, we could keep away from a ton of misconceptions and miscommunication in the (online) media. That is the reason have political relations and two-sided government offices,” he posted.

Suhuyini said, he was denied a section visa into the Netherlands with the clarification that he would not get back to Ghana in spite of the fact that he presented every pertinent archive.

“For the Netherlands to overlook my status as an individual from Parliament with the obligation to a whole electorate, which was known to them, my legitimate travel visas to the UK and USA and my various past movement records, which demonstrate I have never outstayed any visit abroad, my delightful family, and deny me a section visa on the premise that, there was inadequate proof that I have huge social or financial connections to my nation to incite my return after my planned visit, could just have been intentionally taken to incite me and furthermore sabotage Ghanaian state authorities and negotiators.”

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