You have no inclination to say what you said about me – Agyebeng goes wild on Amidu



The Special Prosecutor, Kissi Agyebeng, has said he shrank over his predecessor, Martin Amidu’s remarks about his arrangement in one of his epistles.


Talking on Accra-based Starr FM’s Starr Chat program, Agyebeng demonstrated that the previous Special Prosecutor doesn’t know him enough to offer such an expression about his character.


At the point when asked how he felt about Martin Amidu’s remarks, he said, “I shrank. At the point when someone got some information about it, I let him know that he doesn’t have any acquaintance with me.

“In the event that you don’t have any acquaintance with me and you sit in your home and draft something and put it out there and individuals trust you, that is you. In the event that he has seen me with the president and the manner in which I relate with the president, the manner in which we converse with one another and on the off chance that he calls me what he says what not, you have no tendency at all and you go to say something to that effect, you are the less fortunate for it. You are the less fortunate for this is on the grounds that you have no premise in saying what you are saying yet you are saying it. So when I hear this load of remarks, I shrank,” Kissi Agyebeng said.

Martin Alamisi Burnes Kaiser Amidu is on record to have portrayed the assignment of Kissi Agyebeng as his replacement at the Office of Special Prosecutor (OSP) as “a proxy” to people embroiled in the Agyapa Royalties Transaction Corruption Assessment report.


As per him, Kissi Agyebeng’s arrangement is to protect the interests of people the report ensnared.

In an assertion replicated to GhanaWeb named ‘Don’t defame Martin Amidu in the promulgation to name another Special Prosecutor’, the for previous OSP expressed:

“Anyone profoundly learned with regards to the Agyapa Royalties Transaction Corruption Risk Assessment report which brought about my possible acquiescence as the principal Special Prosecutor realizes that one of the recipients of the Agyapa Royalties Transaction is Africa Legal Associates whose agreement to take part in the exchange was observed to be in opposition to the Public Procurement Act and polluted by bid-fixing.”

The previous Special Prosecutor noted further that until 20 March 2020, Agyapa Royalties Limited was consolidated as Asaase Royalties Limited with the date of joining being 5 November 2019 in Jersey, the United Kingdom. “Anyone who cares to know realizes that the modify self image of Africa Legal Associates is a cousin of the President who likewise settled Asaase Radio which started official transmission on 14 June 2020.

He proceeded: “The Agyapa Royalties Transaction records show the job the President’s cousin who set up Africa Legal Associates, and Asaase Radio played with White and Case LLP, of London, one of the unfamiliar law offices in the presumed defilement exchange.

“It must, along these lines, be stressing to any devoted Ghanaian not terrified of the way of life of quiet to see Asaase Radio endeavor political promulgation starting on 25 April 2021 to 26 April 2021 to set up the personalities of the Ghanaian and global public to acknowledge the proxy of the adjust sense of self of the Asaase Radio station and Africa Legal Associates as the Special Prosecutor as commanded under area 4(1) of the Office of the Special Prosecutor Act, 2018 (Act 959).”

Martin Amidu further contended, “In the endeavor of people embroiled in the Agyapa Royalties Transaction Corruption Assessment Report to compress the president to choose their substitute as the Special Prosecutor to protect their inclinations, the internet based reportage of Asaase Radio turned to coordinate manufactures, untruths, and oversights against me in its portrayal of the explanations behind my renunciation.”

He said, “the favorable to NPP radio broadcast despicably professed not to have perused my response giving further and better specifics on my abdication dated 26 November 2020 to the Secretary to the president’s alleged answer to my acquiescence letter which we presently know by experience that the president probably won’t have trained to be composed by any means.

“My capacities or my judgment and choice as the Special Prosecutor to leave my office under Act 959 was not dependent upon the management or judgment of common society entertainers not to mention those of them who furtively go to Government strategy making gatherings as I had event to bring up recorded as a hard copy already.

“In exercise of audacious exemption, Asaase Radio revealed online a matter which never included in my acquiescence for unadulterated political promulgation to work with and upgrade the situation with its substitute “Agyapa” Special Prosecutor even before the president could show his acknowledgment of the chosen one and forward a solicitation to parliament,” Amidu’s assertion read further.

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