Why Christianity, Islam will have no say in passage of anti-LGBTQ+ bill



• Kyei-Mensah-Bonsu says the endorsement or in any case of the bill depends on the upsides of the Ghanaian culture


• He says religion will assume no part in the choice by the MPs


• He declined to reveal his situation on the matter

At the point when the discussion on the entry or in any case of the “Advancement of Proper Human Sexual Rights and Ghanaian Family Values Bill of 2021” starts not long from now in Parliament, the focal point of the conversation won’t be on what one’s strict confidence says about the subject yet rather what the Ghanaian culture says about it.

As per the head of the greater part council in Parliament, Osei Kyei-Mensah-Bonsu, the constitution bars MPs from discussing issues dependent on their strict inclinations.


He clarified in an Okay FM meet that the constitution holds profoundly the qualities and standards of the native Ghanaian culture and that is the thing that will educate their contention on the bill.

He uncovered that this is done to deflect conceivable segregation and furthermore guarantee that one religion isn’t given need over the other.

“The constitution disapproves of utilizing the lessons Christian or Islam to make decisions. The constitution says we should utilize our qualities and standards as Ghanaians. We will deal with this issue without religion. It won’t be chosen by Christianity or Islam.

“I’m saying that since, in such a case that utilization religion, you’ll set a trend whereby one religion can awaken and challenge something since it’s an attack against their lessons. It could prompt mayhem in the country. We ought to permit our qualities and culture as Ghanaians to win in these things. It will be without any strict tendencies,” he said.

Whiles his countryman on the minority side, Haruna Iddrisu has pronounced his help for the bill, Osei Kyei-Mensah-Bonsu says it will be off-base on his part to do same.

As per him, with his situation as head of government business in Parliament, his perspectives could be deciphered as the situation of the public authority on the matter.

He will along these lines hold whatever see he has on the issue until the discussion starts in Parliament when they continue not long from now.

“At the point when we discuss parliament the greater part pioneer is the head of the house. So in the event that I pronounce a position now, it will be deciphered as the situation of parliament, to either imply that the house is on the side of the bill or we are against it,” he expressed.

The 38-page bill before parliament, in addition to other things, specifies that individuals of the equivalent sex who participate in sex are “obligated on outline conviction, to a fine of at least 700 and fifty punishment units and not in excess of 5,000 punishment units, or to a term of detainment of at least three years and not over five years or both.”

The Bill targets people who “hold out as a lesbian, a gay, a transsexual, a transgender, an eccentric, a pansexual, a partner, a non-parallel or some other sexual or sex character that is in opposition to the double classifications of male and female.”

The Bill additionally targets advertisers and backers of LGBTQ+ freedoms including “an individual who, by utilization of media, mechanical stage, innovative record or some other means, produces, gets, markets, communicates, spreads, distributes or appropriates a material for motivations behind advancing a movement restricted under the Bill, or an individual uses an electronic gadget, the Internet administration, a film, or some other gadget fit for electronic capacity or transmission to deliver, get, market, broadcast, scatter, distributes or disperse a material for reasons for advancing an action disallowed under the Bill” just as an individual who “advances, upholds compassion toward or a difference in general assessment towards a demonstration denied under the Bill.”

As a feature of its arrangements, the Bill traces that a flouter can be condemned to a prison term of at the very least six years or not over ten years detainment.

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