Why are you not writing to promote incest among adults? – Okoe-Boye asks Prof Gadzekpo


•Okoe-Boye says homosexuality is the greatest danger to humankind


•He accepts the qualities and standards of the Ghanaian culture should be secured


•He is cheerful Parliament will pass the counter LGBTQ+ bill

Bernard Okoe-Boye, the previous Deputy Minister of Health is addressing why a mission isn’t being pursued for sexual relations among parent and their grown-up kids if assent and privileges shapes the premise of contentions in favor same-sex relations.

As per him, in case it is OK for people of a similar sex to have an affectionate relationship since it is their right then a parent who discovers sexual joy in their youngster ought to be given the lawful support to leave on such reason.


Bernard Okoe-Boye made the comment on Metro TV’s Good Morning Ghana program, as he attempted to commute home his point about the ludicrousness in the contention being made nearly eighteen Ghanaian academicians and attorneys who are advocating the assurance of the freedoms of the LGBTQ+ people group in the country.

Okoe-Boye who confessed to being bothered by the discussion, couldn’t comprehend how a few people, including Professor Audrey Gadzekpo whom he admitted to having colossal regard for, could safeguard gay people in the country.

Okoe-Boye presented that gaysim and lesbianism is the greatest danger to human life and should not be countenanced in any structure. Whiles a dangerous atmospheric devation has been promoted as the greatest peril confronting mankind, Okoe-Boye accepts same-sex relations positions above it.

Okoe-Boye said that as a country, it is basic that the qualities and standards are ensured and that he has trust in Parliament and the public authority to pass the bill.

“What is more risky to humanity than a training that doesn’t permit reproduction. This LGBTQ+ thing is more risky than carbon dioxide emanations and a dangerous atmospheric devation. At the point when you put ‘street shut down’ on a specific street, it doesn’t mean you don’t care for the driver however on the off chance that that street has an inclination of making mishaps, you are just saving lives.

“There are numerous Ghanaians hitched who might have become LGBTQ+ if what they feel was permitted yet they proved unable. At times you make a law to stifle an inclination which you know is on an awful street.

“For what reason is Professor Gadzekpo not composition to advance inbreeding… since there are grown-ups who are drawn to their little girls and their girls who are likewise grown-ups are drawn to them, yet for what reason is the law following them. What sort of garbage is that? You have a man who says I feel physically drawn to my youngster and you have an offspring old enough who additionally feels something very similar, for what reason doesn’t the law permit it,” he said.

Educator Gadzekpo who was referenced by Bernard Okoe-Boye is one of eighteen conspicuous Ghanaians who have sent a notice to Parliament looking for the excusal of the counter LGBTQ+ bill.

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