Why Acheampong was stripped of military honours by the Akuffo-led SMC II


Ignatius Kutu Acheampong drove a bloodless rebellion to topple the fairly chose legislature of the Progress Party and its chief Dr. Kofi Busia on thirteenth January 1972.


He became head of state and administrator of the National Redemption Council (NRC), which was subsequently changed into the Supreme Military Council (SMC) on 9 October 1975, with Colonel Acheampong (elevated to General) as its executive.


During his time, Ghana saw some major critical changes, hence, Ghana changed from driving on the passed on to right-hand traffic named “Activity Keep Right”, there was an “Activity Feed Yourself” drive and the renouncement of Ghana’s unfamiliar obligations with the ‘yentua’ motto.

Indeed, the 1970s per Ghana’s set of experiences could be named as the Ignatius Kutu Acheampong time, considering that it characterized the period that the profession military official held onto political force in 1972. He was expelled by similar means in 1978 and executed in 1979.

In any case, did Acheampong partook in his military advantages as a General of the Army?


As indicated by Abdul Malik Kweku Baako in a post on his Facebook timetable, on first May, 1979, the Supreme Military Council II government (SMC-2) came out with a type of “discipline” for Acheampong alone, obviously in accordance with the tall tale prior offered to Ghanaians-which they dismissed that Acheampong organized an exclusive show somewhere in the range of 1972 and 1978. By the fiat of a Decree-Armed Forces different arrangements Decree, 1979-The SMC(2) stripped General Acheampong of all distinctions gained by him during his residency of office (yet this didn’t influence those presented on them by Acheampong).

“He was to relinquish the advantage of the utilization of any tactical position and was precluded from entering any army base or foundation. Despite the fact that the public authority requested the arrival of Acheampong from guardianship, the General was to be limited to his old neighborhood, Trabuom, in the Ashanti Region,” the post demonstrated.

Subsequent to saying that Acheampong would lose all retirement benefits, the Decree set out a not insignificant rundown of demonstrations of monetary; managerial and other offense which the General submitted against the State and individuals of Ghana while in office as follows:

(1): Personally meddling in the monetary and monetary administration of the country.

(2): Interfering with the ordinary activities of the Bank of Ghana hence causing the over-printing and over-issue of cedi notes.


(3): Indiscrimatory, individual and self-assertive issue of import licenses to top picks and close partners and granting agreements to inept workers for hire.

(4): Taking questionable unfamiliar credits to the hindrance of the state.

(5): Personally giving gratuitous concessions to most loved business houses in negation of existing government arrangements and guidelines.

(6): In promotion of his exorbitant desire for political force, he controlled and vested all chief forces in his own hands for his own benefit.

(7): He ignored without any potential repercussions the rule of aggregate liability of partners in the SMC and NRC.

(8): He switched choices for the sake of the NRC and SMC without earlier conference with any of his partners.

(9): He utilized at the state’s cost the administrations of various informal individual consultants and helpers of questionable skill, character and aims who just saw to their great in government to the inconvenience of the country.

(10): He carried the military extremely close to deterioration.

(11): He showered liberal blessings on specific officials and men known to be firmly connected with him to the detriment and disturbance of different officials of legitimacy and the majority, subsequently adding to the breakdown of discipline in the military.

(12): He showed shamelessness not befitting an official and a respectable man and substantially less a Head of State.

The thought process of stripping General Acheampong of his position and titles, Baako expressed, was to decrease him to Mr Acheampong.


“The reasons given for stripping General Acheampong of his position and titles and lessening him to Mr. Acheampong were so grave, essential and addressed issues which had such horrendous impact on Ghana-socially, financially, strategically and ethically that activity ought to have been finished with exhaustiveness, respectability and concerning fair treatment of law.

“It was likewise hard to see the value in how Acheampong alone might have submitted every one of these offenses throughout the entire that without the intrigue, approbation or backing of his associates. on the off chance that cash notes were “over-given” without the information on other SMC individuals, while the SMC was the most elevated authoritative and managerial expert in Ghana liable for the bearing and organization of the public authority of Ghana, then, at that point, one will undoubtedly inquire: were the other SMC individuals too uninformed to even consider knowing, or were they simply flippant or were they rogues and associates?” he tested.


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