We’re digitising land administration so you can check your land records on your phones – Jinapor



The Minister for Lands and Natural Resources, Samuel A. Jinapor has given the affirmation that the sweeping measures being carried out by the public authority in the land organization space will bring about a proficient land organization framework in the country.


Going ahead at the Ministry of Information’s press preparation on Tuesday, 28 September 2021, Mr Jinapor said that the public, endless supply of office in 2017 left on drive to change land organization in the country.


The essential target of the transformation drive is to digitalize land organization and advance proficiency and efficiency in the space, he noted.

The Minister featured a portion of the carefully determined drives acquainted by the public authority with guarantee that bottlenecks which until now filled in as obstructions to a smooth organization framework are taken out.

He guaranteed that the public authority needs to initiate estimates that will guarantee that from the solace of their homes and using cell phones, Ghanaians can get to their territory record.


“We are taking sweeping estimates with regards to land organization in the country. For example, since 1974, Ghana has not had spatial stamping. We don’t have the shapes of landed property in our nation so the Lands Commission itself doesn’t have records of different terrains across our country. The ramifications of this are tremendous”, he said.

“The Vice President led a gathering in general motivation behind digitizing the economy and everything and it became evident that in case we can’t digitize the records of the Lands Commission, we won’t have an appropriate spatial planning which is good for reason, any remaining digitization across the range of our economy will be outlandish. So this is one of something we are trying to do. We are digitizing and digitalizing crafted by the Lands Commission to update the commission and make it fit for reason”, he added.

The other leg of the Ministry’s obligation in the land organization is the security and recuperation of state lands.

Mr Jinapor noticed that the security of public terrains is a matter that positions exceptionally on President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo’s rundown of needs and will fall back on any legitimate means conceivable to ensure state lands.

He stressed that the public authority holds the country a ‘trustee obligation’ to ensure the grounds for people in the future.

“We will take a stock of all open terrains of our nation and have a register for all open grounds in the country. We will do so that from all aspects of the nation, you’ll have the option to realize that either package of land has a place with the state.”

He further uncovered that in accordance with the directs of the new Lands Act, the Ministry and important offices are chipping away at proposals for the ‘de-vesting of vested grounds’.

He additionally charged staff of the Lands Commission to release their obligations in accordance with the laws that worry their office.

Mr. James K. Dadson, the Executive Secretary of the Lands Commission gave instruction on the command of the commission and gave additional data on a portion of the issues addressed by the Minister.

In an extensive show, Mr. James Dadson shed light on the different advanced developments acquainted with the commission to ensure a takeoff from the old way managing land-organization issues to a more speedy, proficient and smooth method of managing issues.

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