Two robbers shot dead, illegal arms supplier arrested


The Ghana Police Service has uncovered they shot and killed two speculated equipped looters on Saturday, September 25 during a shootout.


In an assertion located by JoyNews, the police said the “expired suspects were captured when they endeavored to ransack drivers along the Koluedor-Sege-Accra fundamental street”.


During cross examination, the suspects had enlightened the police regarding their weapon provider Bukari Sallfu and continued to help with recovering the weapons and capture different assistants.

“The two expired speculates drove the wrongdoing battle Police group to the implied hideaway of their associates in a bramble close to Zenu. There, the Police experienced harsh criticism as the suspects endeavored to get away. This was a profoundly prepared wrongdoing battle group and the officials returned fire,” the police wrote in their assertion.

Two looters shot dead, illicit arms provider captured


They expressed that the speculated equipped looters who were shot during the shootout were hurried to the Police Hospital where they died.

Their bodies, Ghana Police Service added have been saved at the Police Morgue.

In the mean time, police insight prompted the capture of Bukari Salifu, a 65-year-old speculated illicit arms seller whom the perished named as their lender and provider of weapons.

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