Taadi fake kidnapped lady’s ‘confession’ will be subjected to trial – Lawyer Buckman



Philip Fiifi Buckman, the legal advisor addressing Josephine Panyin Mensah, the woman at the focal point of the phony grabbing case in Takoradi, has shown that the admission from his customer to the police will be exposed to preliminary in court.


As indicated by him, his customer admitting doesn’t really mean she admitted to the offense accused of, in this way if the need be, that admission will be exposed to preliminary.


Talking on the September 28, release of the Good Evening Ghana program, Fiifi Buckman clarified, “the police are saying that she admitted to having submitted the offense as charged however when you are brought to the court, the court raises your accuses of you and finds out if you are liable or not.

“Along these lines, she said that she was not blameworthy, so we need to go through the cycle. It isn’t any system. On the off chance that we say admission, someone has admitted or admission explanation, it doesn’t really imply that the individual really admitted to the offense, it will be exposed to smaller than normal preliminary if the need be.”

Whenever asked what are his possibilities and that of his customer for the situation, Buckman noticed that attorneys were not prepared to pay special mind to who wins or loses the case, yet to pay special mind to equity.


“What we the legal advisors pay special mind to isn’t regarding whether your customer will win or lose; particularly in criminal matters, the main thing we are paying special mind to is that fair treatment is done, equity is finished. So toward the day’s end, it is the equity that we are checking out not whether your customer wins or loses,” adding “equity will be fair treatment.”

He further demonstrated that by the end of today, his customer will get a few archives to fulfill the bail condition and if not, “we have different intends to guarantee that we get her out of cells so we can have gathering with her. I should say that I have not had any full gathering with her, I met without precedent for the court and today [Tuesday] I told her that we are ensuring we get her bail so she ought to be certain we will get it for herself and that we will meet… ”


Josephine was said to have left her home early morning of Thursday, September 16, on the guise of going for running.


She was subsequently revealed missing, during which time somebody is claimed to have called the family to request a payoff for her delivery since she had been seized.

The spouse announced the make a difference to the police, which started a quest for the one who was supposed to be nine months pregnant.

Police agents and wellbeing specialists later limited her accounts – both pregnancy and hijack, prompting her arraignment under the steady gaze of the court.

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