News 65% of lawyers called to Gambia Bar are Ghanaians who failed entrance exams – SRC President


The President of the Students Representative Council (SRC) of the Ghana School of Law, Mr Wonder Victor Kutor, has noticed that 65% of attorneys called to the Gambia Bar this year are Ghanaians who bombed the law selection tests in Ghana.


After Ghana bombed them, he clarified, they applied to examine in the Gambia and were called to the Gambia Bar after fulfillment.


Mr Kutor expressed that weak an assessment isn’t a sign that the understudies were beneath standard.

He has, subsequently, required a comprehensive methodology in managing the reasons for the mass graduate school placement test disappointment to have the option to manage the circumstance appropriately.

He credited the mass inability to, in addition to other things, restricted time competitors need to empower them get ready for the placement test.


In his view, lacking planning because of the restricted time is the main source of the disappointments.

Mr Kutor showed that when law understudies graduate in July and they sit for the tests in August, it will surely not be sufficient for them to do satisfactory planning.

His remarks come after 2,000 and 34 (2,034) LLB competitors who sat for the 2021/2021 scholarly year Ghana School of Law 2021 Entrance Exams fizzled in the tests.

Of the 2,824 understudies from the different law resources the nation over who sat for the test, just 790 of them passed addressing roughly 28% while the disappointment addresses 72%.

Talking on the Good evening Ghana program on Tuesday, September 28, Mr Kutor said “You leave school in July and sit for tests in August and you are doing, let us say tax assessment or land law and you proceed to meet misdeed and protected law in the event that you haven’t overhauled enough you will fall flat.

“In this way, we need to have a conversation as a country. At the point when understudies graduate in July you permit them to stand by and apply the next year.

“Allow us to talk about this appropriately, understudy graduated in July and they sat for tests in August. Was the planning enough? This isn’t to safeguard the General Legal Council however I need us to have a comprehensive conversation on this matter as a country going ahead.

“We should not restrict ourselves to pass and disappointment. It isn’t just with regards to passing what occurs in this nation is that once they discharge the passage results then we as a whole beginning discussing the disappointment rate yet let us be straightforward, which is the reason the SRC we have set up the grant store.

“I’m happy to say that the people who have passed can get to the grant reserve, an exceptionally straightforward cycle. In the event that individuals pass without the cash to pay, why? So the conversation shouldn’t be pass rate or disappointment rate, it is additionally about the subsidizing. At the point when you enter the graduate school as far as cost there is a major test.”

He added “I need to make a point deferentially, ordinarily what happens is that when some can’t entre they go to different purviews, Gambia, Rwanda and Nigeria.

“I need to offer this guidance to the overall population, to our partners, who have not had the option to entre that we are aware of such people who went to Rwanda and came yet and were not conceded for post-call, they needed to go to Gambia when they returned Gambia is perceived and they were conceded. So they need to check appropriately which organizations they ae going to.

“Presently, on the rear of this, something the SRC will do that we realize this is a Ghanaian issue and should be given a Ghanaians arrangement.

“To say that understudies have bombed placement test isn’t to say they are terrible understudies. Simply check the measurements 65% of attorneys call to the Gambia bar this year, are Ghanaians and these are individuals who bombed the placement tests and went to Gambia.

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