More praise for Sam George after face-off with CNN reporter on anti-LGBTQ+ bil


• Ningo Prampram MP conceded a meeting to CNN on the counter LGBTQ+ Bill


• His reactions in the meeting have scored excellent grades by online media clients


• Parliament is because of discussion the bill in the not so distant future

It seems Samuel Nartey George, the Member of Parliament for Ningo-Prampram emerged from his meeting with CNN sound and with an upgraded notoriety as a protector of the ‘way of life and upsides’ of Ghanaians according to the counter LGBTQ+ bill.

Ghanaian web-based media space is loaded up with worship for Sam George who mounted a furious safeguard of the choice by certain MPs to support the bill that tries to condemn homosexuality in the country.


An appearing endeavor by Kenyan-conceived CNN report Larry Madowo to have Sam George stifle on his own bill misfired as the administrator, in the assessment of most online media watchers separated himself and resolved the issues adequately.

Whiles showering acclaims on Sam George for articulating his position adequately with well-informed data on the subject, a few clients condemned Larry Madowo for not planning successfully for the meeting.

They saw that Madowo was not well side by side with the substance of the counter LGBTQ+ charge which framed the premise of the meeting.

A tweet by the CNN journalist on the meeting was commandeered with expressions of applause for Sam George and slamming of Madowo for his apparent inclination just as certain words he utilized on Sam George

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Watch the full interview here:

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