Merger of Ghana Cards and TINs can help deal with TAX evasion – Christian Sottie

Previous Controller and Accountant General, Christian Sottie says merging the National Identification Card and Tax Identification Number(TIN) can help deal with issues of tax avoidance.

In a meeting on JoyNews The Pulse on Monday, he explained that the absence of an essential construction to recognize individuals, where they live and the amount they earn is the reason numerous people have been able to sidestep charges throughout the long term.

“We don’t have personalities… dissimilar to numerous different nations when you are conceived, you are enlisted, your fingerprint is taken, you are given a particular ID… We don’t have that thing here. Hence, everyone is a mysterious person” he said.

He added that this makes it hard for authorities to follow business and gather the proper duties.

His remarks come after President Akufo-Addo cautioned experts the nation over to notice to their duty commitments.

At the continuous Ghana Bar Association (GBA) Annual Conference in Bolgatanga, President Akufo-Addo sounded an expression of alert to experts the nation over who are avoiding their duty commitments.

As per him, the current circumstance where around 60,000 experts in the country’s labor force are not consenting to burden laws is stressing.

He considers it to be much really humiliating where attorneys in numerous purviews who should guarantee mental stability in the customers’ books, rather initiate the infection, prompting deficits in income.

“They seem to think, that being individuals from the learned callings places them above consistence with regular municipal obligations like covering charges. It is humiliating that legal counselors are frequently on first spot on the list of the people who ridicule our expense laws and utilize their ability to try not to settle charges,” he said.

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