LGBTQ+ is not about religious beliefs’ – Akoto Ampaw



Akoto Ampaw says the LGBTQ+ banter isn’t about strict convictions


• He is of the view that, the Private Member’s bill supporting by nearly eight MPs is useless


• He is essential for somewhere in the range of eighteen people who are testing the counter LGBTQ+ bill

Lawyer Akoto Ampaw has wailed over that the continuous discussion regarding whether LGBTQ+ exercises ought to be condemned, isn’t about strict convictions.

As indicated by him, the Private Member’s bill being driven by about eight MPs is unimportant and mirrors the outlook of the individuals who delivered it.


Akoto Ampaw indicated that, the counter LGBTQ+ bill condemning somebody who is either intersex or abiogenetic is trivial and it, in any case, “shows the fanaticism of the brain outline that delivered that bill.”

He told TV3’s Dzifa Bampoh on Key Points that, “As a matter of first importance, I need to make the point clear that this discussion isn’t about strict convictions.

“Furthermore, this discussion isn’t about numbers. It isn’t arranging the number of individuals support gays – 30million, the number of individuals are against gay – 2million, that isn’t the issue.”

Akoto Ampaw added, “The major issue has to do with our constitution and freedoms. That is the fundamental issue that we need to address.


“It is somewhat satisfying that as of late the Majority chief in Parliament said that the matter won’t be examined based on strict convictions. I feel that is a significant stage forward in case that is the way parliament will address this matter. It is a protected matter.”

Lawyer Akoto Ampaw is part of nearly eighteen famous lawful, scholastic and common society experts who have filled a notice testing the counter gay enactment submitted to Parliament.

In the update, they battle that the Promotion of Proper Human Sexual Rights and Ghanaian Family Values Bill 2021, which looks to condemn LGBTQ+ and adjoining exercises, is an “impermissible attack of the sacredness of human poise.”

To push the counter LGBTQ+ will be to challenge Ghana’s constitution and popular government, they additionally contended in the 18-page record.

The counter LGBTQ+ charge which is at present before Parliament recommends that individuals of a similar sex who take part in sexual movement could go through as long as 10 years in prison.

Backing for the LGBTQ+ people group would likewise be condemned.

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