LGBTQ+ Debate: Tone down on your language and personal attacks – Ayikoi Otoo to Sam George



• Ayikoi Otoo says LGBTQ+ is against the standards and upsides of the Ghanaian culture


• He accepts that parliament will pass the counter LGBTQ+ bill


• He has asked Sam George to be somewhat estimated in his remarks on the issue

Previous Attorney General, Nii Ayikoi Otoo has informed the Member concerning Parliament for Ningo Prampram, Sam Nartey George, to shun individual assaults and verbally abusing with all due respect of the counter Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Queer (LGBTQ+) bill.

Nii Ayikoi Otoo mentioned the objective fact on GTV after Sam George got down on the individuals from the alliance against the bill for being deigning and not having a grip of the subtleties of the bill.


Ayikoi Otoo who is Ghana’s High Commissioner to Canada said such remarks don’t hoist the discussion of the bill to where it ought to be.

He asked decency and shared regard on the two sides of the talk and pursued for quiet whiles communicating the conviction that Parliament will ultimately endorse the bill.

“I would counsel Sam George to restrain on his language on the grounds that once you say someone is lying, you’ve assaulted the individual’s trustworthiness. When that occurs, the individual would need to respond and it prompts a wide range of remarks. Kindly we should restrain on the individual assaults,” he said.

On the meaningful issue of LGBTQ+ privileges in the country, Ayikoi Otoo said that the attorneys and academicians were checking out the issue from the nearsighted perspective on gay freedoms.

As per him, the issues rises above the sexual relationship of two people and compromises the way of life of the country.

He thought that once the entryway is opened for such practice, it will uncover the way of life of the country to another degree of impedance as society would need to change to coordinate the endless organization of the LGBTQ+ people group.

“I’m fulfilled to me that every one of the educators are just taking a gander at sexuality as far as gayism. They have not actually taken a gander at what the other part of the LGTBQI+ implies. In my view, they are just consigning everything to the way that this is a sexual demonstration and that they believe it’s private. This is the place where I disapprove of them.

  1. “What common freedom do we have about this. We are discussing social practices. These are things that individuals have embraced in their own nations and need to drive it. I just returned from Canada and in light of the things they are doing, kids are conceived now and you don’t know which sex to provide for them. We as a whole concur that sex is a private matter between two consenting grown-ups and can happen anyplace yet these different things that have been added on are the thing the bill is managing,” he said.

Sam George, on the show, proceeded with his safeguard of the bill which he says is started on the assurance of Ghanaian qualities and culture.

Educator Takyiwaa Manuh who is an individual from the alliance against the bill expressed that the bill is looking to direct the ethical quality of some Ghanaians and that there is a qualification among gay people and their privileges which is ensured under the 1992 Constitution.

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