Let’s plant more trees to mitigate effects of climate change – EPA



Madam Sally Biney, the Acting Greater Accra Regional Director of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has urged the populace to establish more trees to moderate the unfavorable impacts of an unnatural weather change.


“Trees are intended forever and without it, we can’t endure. People get many advantages from braid thus as we tingle to create, it is urgent the trees and vegetation eliminated in the process are supplanted with manageability,” she said.


Madam Biney said this at an effort program coordinated by the Client Service Department of EPA, Accra West, for younger students on different natural issues, especially the significance of tree planting.

The occasion, which structures a piece of exercises to check the Customer Service Week, drawn in over 100 understudies from the Amasaman Cluster of schools.

The occasion was circled back to the planting of types of seedlings in the schools with help from the Forestry Commission of Ghana.


Madam Biney said trees filled in as home for birds, secured waterbodies, if food, filled in as windbreaks, and forestalled soil disintegration, valuable for restorative and sporting purposes, among others.

She, consequently, encouraged the general population to replant trees they tumbled to defend the climate.

Mrs Audrey Quarcoo, the Acting Director, Client Relations, EPA, said the weeklong festival was saved to show appreciation to customers for the longstanding relationship they had kept up with EPA.

Comparative exercises are progressing in all local and region workplaces of the Authority.

Mrs Quarcoo said, “The climate has a place with us all. Allow us to guarantee that we have a completely secure climate so the cutting edge would come and meet a saved climate.”

Mr George Osei, District Forest Manager, Forestry Commission, Amasaman, said man’s endurance relied generally upon trees and that it was important to set up the right measures to secure the climate.

He commended EPA for setting out on the tree establishing activity and sharpening the general population on the need to protect the climate.

Mr Osei forewarned residents against unpredictable felling of trees, adding that, anybody found at fault would be managed by law.

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