Kennedy Agyapong has caused me lot of pains, I’ve left him to God – Nigel Gaisie



Prophet Nigel Gaisie, the author and head of the Prophetic Hill Chapel has conceded being disillusioned by what he names as assaults with the rest of his personal effects by Kennedy Agyapong, the Member of Parliament for Assin Central.


Nigel Gaisie said Kennedy Agyapong dragged him for a month on his Net2 TV station and made series of claims against him.


Gaisie said he has called him to God and accepts that God will handle Kennedy Agyapong on his benefit.

Talking on Angel FM, a troubled Nigel Gaisie said the activities of the administrator weren’t right and tested if he could have done that to him in case he was a family member.

He dismissed the ‘phony prophet’ label forced on him, clarifying that he has since youth been gifted with the capacity to anticipate future occasions.


“I would prefer also his name. That man has caused me a great deal of agony so I would prefer also his name. I have passed on him to God. This man came to sit on TV and lied about me. How might you do that, I could be your child. I’m simply a year more seasoned than his child who is monitoring his TV station.

“You put somebody’s child on TV for one month and say lies regarding him that I’ve killed individuals and do a wide range of things when there’s no bit of legitimacy in them. He is the administrator of the Parliamentary Committee on Security and Defense and he guaranteed I killed Ebony, how have the police not welcomed me since?

“We ought not do that to ourselves. He lies excessively. A few of us have been called by God and experienced in the service. I’m a young fellow yet in the event that I let you know where we used to rest and how God has lifted us to this point, on the off chance that you contact us, you contact God.

“He has caused me such a lot of torment. He asserts I’m not from God, that is OK. What shows that one is from God and the other isn’t. The Bible said by their natural products ye will know them, he ought to proceed to inquire. Every individual who realizes me will tell you, I began forecasting even at essential. I’m detectable,” he said.

Nigel Gaisie who was examining the possibilities of Kennedy Agyapong as President precluded any shot at him becoming president.

He placed that by ‘contacting God’s anointed,’ Kennedy Agyapong has wound up on the way of God’s fierceness and that has impeded any shot at him becoming president.

“I have passed on him to God so I would prefer not to say everything except he can never be president. I’m God’s blessed so by contacting me, he has hindered his odds of becoming president,” he added.

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