I rejected US$200,000 offer to push LGBTQ+ agenda – Captain Smart claims



Godsbrain Captain Smart, the host of Onua TV breakfast show has asserted that some unfamiliar based associations are offering gigantic amounts of cash to powerful Ghanaians to have them advocate for the authorization of LGBTQ+ in the country.


Skipper Smart said that some radio characters, strict and political pioneers have succumbed to the lure and are currently advocating the reason for LGBTQ+ in the country.


On the Thursday, October 14, 2021, release of his show, Captain Smart uncovered that comparative advances were made to him and private legitimate professional, Moses Foh-Amoaning.

He said, he and Foh-Amoaning were offered US$200,000 each to lobby for LGBTQ+ privileges in the country.

He related that a few advertisers of LGBTQ+ privileges held separate gatherings with him and Moses Foh-Amoaning to have them support the reason.


Skipper Smart clarified that he turned down the deal since his heart would not have passed judgment on him right had he picked cash over his standards.

“Legal counselor Foh-Amoaning and I were given proposition. They met both of us at a similar setting independently. They said that they like how I handle issues so they needed me to take US$200,000 to advocate for LGBTQ. They likewise needed me to enlist individuals to advocate for this moronic thing,” he said.

Commander Smart claimed that a well known female TV moderator has been monetarily instigated to shield and lobby for LGBTQ+ in the country.

He approached President Akufo-Addo and the raising money board of trustees of the National Cathedral not to acknowledge any financing from a supportive of LGBTQ+ individual or association.

“I need to engage the President not to acknowledge any financing from the LGBTQI people group for the National Cathedral. It’s better we don’t fabricate it at all than to utilize LGBTQ cash. Any individual who attempts to utilize LGBTQ+ cash for the National Cathedral will endure.”

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