How Sam George tackled CNN journalist over anti-LGBTQ+ bill


Ningo Prampram MP has been guarding the counter LGBTQ+ bill on CNN


• He clarifies why it is uplifting news for larger part of Ghanaians and for the LGBTQ+ people group


• Parliament is because of discussion the Bill this month

Ningo Prampram Member of Parliament, Sam Nartey George, in truth CNN a meeting over the counter gay bill right now before Parliament.

The meeting led by Kenyan columnist Larry Madowo saw sharp conflicts between the two going from clinical phrasings to in the perspective on Sam George a misreading of the bill by the writer.


It is the primary global meeting Sam George has conceded over the issue and he repeated his position on issues while drumming home the point concerning why African qualities should have been protected no matter what.

GhanaWeb checks out the significant features of the meeting

Conflict on hormonal treatment versus change treatment

Madowo tested Sam George’s view about hormonal treatment being equivalent to change treatment. Be that as it may, when he surrendered not realizing the specific contrast yet conceding to UN definitions, Sam George jumped.

“In case you are not a clinical master and I am saying to you, that we have addressed specialists here in Ghana and there isn’t anything diverse on the grounds that transformation treatment is a hormonal treatment and I am saying to you that when people pick on their own volition to change their sex, they go through hormonal treatment.”

At the point when Madowo got some information about potential connections of Sam George to conservative association trading disdain discourse and supposedly having held a gathering in Ghana in 2019, the official answered:

“It can’t be further away from reality… we (eight backers of the bill) was at this gathering… .I have had no contact with the world chamber of families… yet we likewise have bunches in the United States that are supporting LGBTQ privileges, which is unlawful in Ghana as we talk the present moment, they are additionally attempting to impact staff.

“This bill is in direct reaction to the launch of a LGBTQ+ backing office in Ghana in January that was upheld by the conciliatory corps.”

Regarding the matter of clipping down on individuals needing to carry on with an open life and looking for a 10-year prison term, the official blamed the columnist for not perusing the bill prior to proceeding to statement applicable bits of the bill.

“Indeed, you haven’t read my bill. It is falsehood to say that anyone who is seen as blameworthy of a gay demonstrations, that is a confusion you are selling and you ought not do that on a global stage,” he submitted prior to perusing the pertinent segment of the bill looking for a five-year prison term.

Is it true that you are only a derisive individual?

“That is a naysayer way to deal with ask me an inquiry, that is a pessimist line of addressing. That I am a contemptuous individual,” he said he was unable to be depicted as such when a similar bill set aside sufficient room for regarding the freedoms of the LGBTQ activists.

What might you do sir, if your child or girl was gay?

“All things considered, fortunately I have two children and a little girl and none of them is gay.” When Madowo followed up that his inquiry had not been addressed, Sam George replied; “You are requesting me to go into the domain from abstracts, I am an official and I manage points of interest.”

At the point when Sam George looked to draw the consideration of the host to occasions of passings in America according to different issues, Madowo asked that he stays centered in light of the fact that the meeting was about Ghana, to which the official answered.

“Assuming this is about Ghana, quit attempting to bring American qualities into the thinking of Ghanaian qualities.”

Sam George focused on additional that before advocating the bill, he met with conventional committees of Ningo and Prampram and had given the approval for him to support the bill.

With regards to the counter LGBTQ+ Bill

Sam Nartey George led an eight-part authoritative gathering that drafted a Private Members’ Bill named: “The Promotion of Proper Human Sexual Rights and Ghanaian Family Values, Bill 2021,” which looks to thoroughly ban exercises of the LGBTQ+ people group.

At present, the bill has been laid before the house and alluded to the suitable board for thought.

The Ningo Prampram MP has firmly protected the requirement for the bill which he demands is a need in saving the moral and social upsides of Ghanaians overall.

Sam George demands that LGBTQ+ inclinations are not common liberties but rather inclinations that should be managed inside the setting of what Ghanaian culture and culture acknowledges.

The bill has the full gift of Speaker Alban Bagbin who is on record to have said he is supportive of life and will guarantee that the bill is passed into law quickly.

“Quit attempting to bring American qualities into Ghana”

“I’m not an American, I’m an African. I’m from Kenya!”

Section 2 of my strained trade on CNN with Ghanaian MP Sam George on his enemy of LGBTQ “family esteems” draft law.


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