How ‘kidnapped’ Taadi woman used pregnancy belly silicon to deceive her husband



Josephine Panyin Mensah, the woman at the focal point of phony capturing in the Sekondi-Takoradi city has demonstrated that she had been wearing a pregnancy paunch silicon for quite some time and professed to be pregnant and surprisingly educated her significant other that, she had been visiting the emergency clinic for antenatal consideration.


As indicated by her, during the nine months of pregnancy, she kept her better half from engaging in sexual relations with her, something that didn’t permit the spouse to recognize whether to be sure there was a child in the belly of his significant other.


These were passages of Josephine Panyin Mensah’s admission to the police as detailed by Takoradi based radio broadcast, Empire FM.

Anyone who sees Josephine Panyin Mensah’s actual appearance and how she wore her maternity clothing could tell that, the woman was intensely pregnant on the grounds that she clearly had various sizes of silicon and at each point on schedule, she changes to suit the age of the pregnancy.

Because of her public attitude as an eager, she generally wins public compassion.


The people who robe their hands on her knock felt it was genuine in light of the fact that the pregnancy gut silicon was imparting something very similar.

It would have been undeniably challenging for anybody to have accepted that she was wearing pregnancy silicon since she acted and acted actually like a pregnant lady.

In the interim, Josephine’s admission and admission to the police that she faked her pregnancy and capture has tossed her family and neighbors into a condition of shock and skepticism.

A visit to the neighborhood by the Ghana News Agency saw gatherings of people and supporters attempting to one or the other grapple with the “new truth” from the Ghana Police Service while others were communicating various measurements to the diversion of occasions.

GNA assembled that, the charged, Josephine Mensah, has consistently been a quiet and deferential lady to the adoration of all.

She is portrayed by numerous individuals as a respectable lady, exceptionally quiet with practically no companions.

Madam Ekua Atta, a neighbor, who admitted seeing her through the phases of pregnancy couldn’t comprehend her explanation of forswearing.


She questioned, “truth be told, odd things occur in this world without a doubt, someone that I have consistently seen with the pregnancy developing would now be able to deny herself… what may have happened…madam”.

Francis Essel, an uncle of Josephine revealed to GNA that, “I am wondered about this revelation…I saw her myself.”

He said he gave Panyin’s hand in marriage adding that “I saw the primary Pregnancy which delivered Nyamekye. she additionally educated me about this second pregnancy…we can’t comprehend”.

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