Go and sin no more’- Court cautions evangelist who fondled, fingered woman


An Adentan Circuit Court has forewarned an evangelist blamed for caressing a woman and embedding his finger into her vagina, to cease from such direct.


Peter Mensah is said to have blessed the woman with Borges oil with the plan of conveying her from “profound marriage.”


At the point when the appointed authority inquired as to whether he would be cheerful if such demonstration was done to any of his three little girls, blamed answered in the negative.

Mrs Sedinam Awo Balokah, the Judge, forewarned Mensah saying, “Proceed to sin no more.”

The appointed authority said if the denounced proceeded with such demonstrations, he would not go free.


As per the Judge, the discipline for such a demonstration, when seen as liable, was custodial sentence.

The Court’s alert came subsequent to Prosecuting Superintendent Patience Mario informed the court that the complainant was not in court and that Police had gotten a letter of withdrawal in regard of the matter.

The blamed let the Court know that the matter had been managed by certain seniors and casualty matured 25 years had been redressed.

Mensah, who is likewise a craftsman, was accused of profane attack.

The GNA accumulated that the complainant dwells in Accra and blamed is likewise lives inside the Accra city.

On August 11, this year at around 8:30am, the blamed under the pretense for petitioning God for the complainant tricked her into his room and administrated a shower on her during which she felt powerless and defenseless.

Charged purportedly undressed her the complainant and spread Borges oil all around his body.

Charged embedded his fingers into the complainant’s vagina because he was exorcizing a shrewd soul from her.

After the demonstration, the complainant detailed the make a difference to the Police and denounced was captured. An alert assertion was taken from him.

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