Fake kidnap saga: How Taadi woman used her own SIM to demand ransom



• Police say the Taadi lady who faked a pregnancy likewise requested payoff for her own abduct


• Josephine Panyin Mensah who is right now in police care utilized a SIM enrolled in her name to make the payment interest


• The Western Regional Minister is on record as saying he gave 3,000 cedis to police to settle the payoff

As subtleties rise out of the phony pregnancy and abducting adventure including 28-year-old Josephine Panyin Mensah, it has been affirmed that she utilized a SIM card enrolled in her name to request deliver.

A Daily Graphic report said police examinations had set up that the number that was utilized to call Josephine’s mom days after she was accounted for missing had been enlisted recently in her name.


Police in this manner followed the number to the Agona-Nkwanta region, which is a connecting locale to Takoradi where she purportedly disappeared on September 16 when she went out on a standard walk.

The report added that Josephine had left the region when the police showed up there to lead their inquiry and was in no time ‘rediscovered’ by a craftsman in Axim under odd conditions – essentially without her pregnancy.

At the hour of her return, Josephine asserted that she had conveyed and her child had been taken by the hijackers. Police mentioned clinical evidence of pregnancy at the Axim Government Hospital and furthermore at the Efia-Nkwanta Regional Hospital, the two of which set up that she was not pregnant.

Police reported late Friday, September 24, 2021, that she had admitted to faking both the pregnancy and seize adventure.

Her mom and spouse who had before been treated as suspects by the police were allowed bail after it arose that they had no information on her arrangement.

She is as of now with the police after she was released from the medical clinic. The Western Regional Minister is on record to have said he gave a measure of 3000 cedis to police to be paid as payment.

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