Criticising court rulings not tantamount to denigrating the judiciary – Amaliba

Individual from the National Democratic Congress’ lawful group, Abraham Amaliba says he can’t help contradicting the Attorney General censuring a few legal counselors for purportedly endeavoring to criticize the legal executive.

As indicated by him, attorneys are permitted to censure him as a public authority, and furthermore teach individuals on the law by clarifying the issues and making it simple for the general population to comprehend the happenings in court.

Talking on Top Story on Monday, Mr Amaliba said “I don’t feel that especially when a case is finished with and you censure the judgment, that adds up to maligning the court, I think the court has a lot greater stomach to oblige this.”

“It is the point at which you start to by and by assault judges, similar to Kennedy Agyapong did on account of one appointed authority, that for me is inadmissible. Yet, scrutinizing the choice and decisions of a court, I have never heard anyplace that that add up to beating the personalities of individuals.”

His remark comes after Attorney General, Godfred Dame said that there has been an endeavor by certain legal advisors to slander the legal executive and subvert public trust in the equity framework.

As per him, some of the time when cases are forthcoming a portion of these attorneys attempt to make a biased impression in the personalities of Ghanaians while some distort the impacts of court decisions through “naughty” examination on radio, television and web-based media stages.

Conveying a discourse at the Annual General Conference of the Ghana Bar Association in Bolgatanga, he said “these practices are awful and misinformed, without a doubt. It remains constant that the field for the legal advisor to test the strength of his thinking or the legitimacy of his contention is in the court, and not the wireless transmissions or cutting edge online media.”

Notwithstanding, Mr Amaliba accepts that similarly as other general wellbeing authorities like the Ministry of Health and others are condemned, Mr Dame’s lead will undoubtedly be scrutinized as well.

“I figure he ought to have a major stomach to see the value in those reactions, no one is censuring him to ruin him, yet in case there are a few irregularities for the situation and individuals call attention to that, that doesn’t add up to obliterating him, the seat or the bar.”

In the mean time, the previous President of the Greater Accra Ghana Bar Association (GBA), Frank Davies, says the Attorney General’s point is being confused.

He clarified that Mr Dame was censuring the running of critique by certain attorneys while cases are forthcoming in court, something he accepts is untrustworthy and lamentable.

“Legal advisors make a special effort to pontificate on cases forthcoming under the steady gaze of the court, and regularly than not the legal counselors who are engaged with that training have not seen the court previously.”

“At the point when I hear my associate attorneys run down judges and choices of the court in the way a large portion of them do now, I find out if they will return to the court, it is a bit awful and exceptionally baffling for the calling.”

Mr Davies said the best road for an attorney to show his lawful reach is the court, it isn’t perched on radio and giving investigation on cases forthcoming in court adding it “is dishonest and verges on proficient wrongdoing.”

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