Anti-LGBTQ+ bill: Sam George reveals how US Embassy is using visa to ‘blackmail’ MPs


Sam George says a few international safe havens are compromising MPs with visa boycott


• He says the MPs stay zeroed in on passing the bill


• Muntaka Mohammed has censured the activities of the government offices

Sam Nartey George, the lead advocate for the counter LGBTQ+ bill has given a record of how the United States Ambassador to Ghana, Stephanie Sullivan is utilizing various measures to obstruct the advancement of the bill.

The Ningo Prampram MP uncovered on Metro TV (October 14 release of Good Morning Ghana) that the US envoy has been drawing in the Speaker of Parliament, Alban Bagbin and one of the eight signatories to the bill, to have them pull out their help for it.


Sam George said that the minister purportedly had a telephone discussion with Alban Bagbin and the said associate MP during which she undermined them with visa dissents.

Portraying it as ‘modest coercion,’ Sam George additionally point by point how the US Embassy in Ghana is focusing on different advocates of the bill with visa dissents.

He anyway cautioned, that the MPs won’t be cowed into quiet and will pass the bill independent of the tension from outer powers.

“With respect to the dangers they’ve been coming from all over. Indeed one of the ministers, a lady put a call to the Speaker of Parliament and no less than one signatory to the bill requesting that he pull out from it.

“That signatory to the bill is my senior in parliament who applied for a visa in that consulate and was declined. He’s had five years visas multiple times from that nation however they denied him after they called him to leave.

“It shouldn’t come as a shock to anyone on the grounds that the Americans use visas as modest shakedown. However, it won’t cow any of us. A few individuals from the bill have had visa applications forthcoming at the American Embassy.

“Due to the Covid-19 they are not giving general visas yet there is an extraordinary regulation for understudies – lawmakers and MPs fall inside that category. Parliament has sent in various applications mentioning dates for the accommodation of structures, what they’ve done is to decrease to give a date,” Sam George said on Metro TV.


Parliament is expected to talk about a Private Member’s Bill put together by nearly eight MPs. The 38-page bill before parliament, in addition to other things, specifies that, individuals of a similar sex who take part in sex are “responsible on outline conviction, to a fine of at the very least 700 and fifty punishment units and not in excess of 5,000 punishment units, or to a term of detainment of at least three years and not over five years or both.”

The Bill targets people who “hold out as a lesbian, a gay, a transsexual, a transgender, an eccentric, a pansexual, a partner, a non-paired or some other sexual or sex character that is in opposition to the double classifications of male and female.”

The Bill additionally targets advertisers and backers of LGBTQ+ privileges including, “an individual who, by utilization of media, innovative stage, mechanical record or some other means, produces, gets, markets, communicates, spreads, distributes or conveys a material for reasons for advancing an action restricted under the Bill, or an individual uses an electronic gadget, the Internet administration, a film, or some other gadget fit for electronic capacity or transmission to deliver, obtain, market, broadcast, scatter, distributes or appropriate a material for motivations behind advancing a movement denied under the Bill” just as an individual who “advances, upholds compassion toward or a difference in popular assessment towards a demonstration precluded under the Bill.”

As a feature of its arrangements, the Bill diagrams that a flouter can be condemned to a prison term of at least six years or not over ten years detainment. At the rear of the public help the Bill has gotten, a gathering of academicians and different experts have communicated their resistance to the bill.

As indicated by the gathering of 18, the bill, ‘Advancement of Proper Human Sexual Rights and Ghanaian Family Values’, when passed into law, would dissolve a heap of crucial common freedoms, as revered in the 1992 Constitution.

Individuals from the gathering contradicting the counter gay bill incorporate Mr Akoto Ampaw; creator, researcher and previous Director of the UN Economic Commission for Africa, Prof. Emerita Takyiwaa Manuh; a correspondences and media master, Prof. Kwame Karikari; the Dean of the University of Ghana (Legon) School of Law, Prof. Raymond Atuguba, and the Dean of the University of Ghana School of Information and Communication Studies, Prof. Audrey Gadzekpo.

The Director of the Institute of African Studies, University of Ghana, Professor Dzodzi Tsikata; the Executive Director of the Ghana Center for Democratic Development (CDD-Ghana), Professor H. Kwasi Prempeh, and a previous Executive Director of CDD-Ghana, Prof. Kofi Gyimah-Boadi, are likewise individuals from the gathering. Others are Dr Rose Mensah-Kutin, Dr Yao Graham, Mr Kwasi Adu Amankwah, Dr Kojo Asante, Mr Kingsley Ofei-Nkansah, Mr Akunu Dake, Mr Tetteh Hormeku-Ajie, Dr Charles Wereko-Brobby, Dr Joseph Asunka and Nana Ama Agyemang Asante.

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