Anti-LGBTQ+ Bill: Let’s deal with scourge of heterosexual rape – Panji Anoff


Prestigious Ghanaian music maker and CEO of Pidgen Music has pronounced that Ghana’s most serious issue is hetero assault and pollution.


Panji Anoff, talking on the GTV Breakfast Show made this disclosure, when a watcher communicated something specific, inquiring as to whether he will acknowledge LGBTQ+ in Ghana.


The music maker reacted by saying, “Why should I acknowledge it, are you asking, will I rehearse? That is an alternate matter. That is my decision.”

He expounded that as he would like to think ‘hetero assault’ stayed the most significant issue Ghana expected to stand up to.

“We are assaulting little kids; we are impregnating them. At the point when a 12-year-old is pregnant, they will say gracious a 12-year-old is pregnant. Who is the dad? The dad is anything but a 12 or 13-year-old kid oo! It’s a completely developed grown-up. Allow us to manage those issues,” he expressed.


Panji Anoff said he doesn’t disapprove of two individuals who love one another and do him no mischief. Yet rather individuals who hurt youngsters and society.

“At the point when they discover someone, assaulting someone, they say gracious ‘asem we bite the dust yeb3 siesie wofie’ (lets settle the issue at home, not courts), and afterward the individual gets off.

“We make no endeavor to arraign individuals who assault ladies or underage kids. Allow us to zero in on fierce wrongdoings. Assault is a savage wrongdoing. There is a casualty. Where there is no casualty, there is no wrongdoing.”

He was additionally asked by Kafui Dey, Host of GTV Breakfast show, what he made of the contention that a ton of HIV cases are coming from men laying down with men.

Mr. Panji reacted, saying measurably, that is ‘hogwash’. ”I for one trust HIV is an innocuous infection. Helps is a destructive sickness however HIV is an innocuous infection. I’m not the principal individual to say this.”

As per him, extensive exploration was finished by researchers in South Africa, including the previous President of South Africa, Thabo Mbeki which uncovers there is no connection among HIV and AIDS.

“Be that as it may, I can stop for a minute every one individuals who are biting the dust of AIDS share practically speaking. Hemophiliac-anti-microbials, whore’s anti-toxins, tuberculosis – anti-toxins. Thus, what they share for all intents and purpose is anti-toxins.

“Each time you get blood bonding, they give you an enormous portion of anti-microbials to prevent your body from dismissing the blood. Since naturally, your body will really dismiss the blood,” he uncovered.

Panji Anoff, conceived Panji Marc Owooh Anoff in London, UK is a Ghanaian lyricist, scriptwriter, and film maker. He is the CEO of Pidgen Music, a celebrated narrator, maker, sound specialist, arranger and columnist who has worked for famous media houses like Concord Press and the BBC, where he was the beneficiary of a preparation grant. Panji Anoff is a man of numerous abilities.

Anoff has assumed a vital part in the advancement of Ghanaian music and has worked with Ghanaian Artists including Reggie Rockstone, Kofi Ghanaba, Mac Tontoh of Osibisa, Talking Drums, King Ayisoba, Yaa PONO and Wanlov the Kubolor. He has likewise worked with Miatta Fahnbulleh (Liberia), Ade Bantu (Nigeria/Germany), Ayetoro (Nigeria), Keziah Jones (Nigeria/France) and Fu Infanterie (France).

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