19-year-old stabbed by mother and brother after she walked in on their amorous affair



A mother and child occupied with loving relationship


Family shared a solitary room


Akos was cut by her mom and sibling while sleeping

A 19-year-old young lady has portrayed the conditions under which her mom and her sibling schemed and cut her, trying to get her killed in light of the fact that she strolled in on them having an affectionate illicit relationship.

Akos, (not her genuine name), clarified that her kid mother and her 18-year-old sibling had been participating in an illicit relationship, prompting the detachment of her progression father and her mom, however the two needed her out of picture since her quality was restraining their opportunity to proceed with the forbidden conduct.


In a report by angelonline.com.gh, it said that the awful trial she encountered because of her moms relationship with her more youthful sibling began after she out of the blue caught them one day.

This, the report added, was on the grounds that the room wherein they were, was a solitary room they all common with the last male offspring of the family.

In her portrayal, the sexual connection between the mother and child prompted a partition between her mom and her stepfather, adding that whenever her mom visited her significant other, her 18-year-old sibling got incensed.


The observer of the issue uncovered that her sibling and mom schemed to kill her since they were not getting adequate room to happen with their affection capers, as they regularly do since the time she got back from her aunties spot to additional her schooling, henceforth the endeavored murder by cutting, the report said.

Unrulily woken up from her rest, she clarified the panic she encountered when she saw her digestion tracts spouting out of her side with unbearable agony, even as her sibling and her mom were taking out her digestion tracts.

It took the mediation of an aunt in a similar house to take her around for guaranteed clinical consideration, the report said.

She was ultimately conceded at the 37 Military Hospital after a few requests to the specialists there to look on her with feel sorry for.

The police have since captured Akoss sibling and her mom and sent them to the Anyaa Police Station.

The darlings are planned to show up under the steady gaze of court on Friday, November 26, 2021.


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