The nine key components of GFA’s contract with new coach Milovan Rajevac



At the revealing service of Milovan Rajevac as the new mentor of Ghana, key parts of his agreement were unveiled.


This, as indicated by the General Secretary of the Ghana Football Association Prosper Harisson Addo, wasn’t the standard practice in such commitment yet for the FA to kill hypotheses and bogus reportage, the Executive Council of the Ghana FA felt it was the best approach.


The General Secretary then spelt out nine (9) significant components of the agreement between the Ghana FA and the Serbian gaffer, which at any rate, for the following not many days, will water down a few hypotheses on the commitment of the 67 year old.

This turns into the second time Milovan Rajevac will be working with the Ghana FA in a similar limit as the lead trainer of the Black Stars since his lady commitment in 2008.

From the organized and deliberate conveyance of the General Secretary during the uncovering service, the Serbian is set to get undeniably not as much as the thing he was getting for a similar occupation 11 years prior.


Be that as it may, what are the critical parts of Milovan’s agreement?


Milovan Rajevac will be locked in for a time of 1 year. Not at all like past commitment where the Ghana FA is known to have given mentors a standard agreement for a very long time, the Serb will be in office for just a year. In any case, there is a proviso. In case Milovan can guide the Black Stars to fit the bill for the 2022 World Cup to be facilitated in Qatar, he will have a programmed expansion of two additional years. Along these lines, regardless of having an underlying commitment of a year, he can remain on as the Black Stars coach until 2023.

2022 AFCON Target

Milovan has been entrusted to get to the last of the AFCON and lift the prize. Anything separated from lifting the prize means he’s neglected to respect his piece of the agreement.

2022 World Cup Qualification

Additionally, the gaffer has been entrusted to tie down Ghana capability to the 2022 World Cup to be facilitated in Qatar. Two matches have been played as of now, four additional to go. Milovan must, consequently, win every one of the four excess games in case he’s to see Ghana fit the bill to the following period of the capability.


Milovan Rajevac will be bringing home $30k per month after charge. This is definitely not as much as the thing he was requiring 11 years prior for a similar work. During his first stretch, he was getting €30k while his interpreter was likewise paid by the Ghana FA. This time around, the story is unique. Milovan will bring home $30k and that is it.

No Agency included

The arrangement among Milovan and the Ghana FA was immediate and clear. No organization was involved. The Ghana FA was not addressed by a specialist thus it was intended for Milovan. This was surely made public just to save the FA from future allegations of connecting with the supervisor through organizations.

$300k World Cup Qualification Bonus

The Serbian will bring home $300k in case he’s ready to direct the Black Stars to secure capability to the World Cup in 2022. Ghana have as of now began the excursion on a tupsy turvy balance; dominating a game and losing same, tossing the fantasy about coming to the World Cup into a much troublesome stuff. Milovan will start his capability motor against Zimbabwe one month from now in a twofold header and the outcomes will show if Ghana can make it. However, the news is that, he brings home $300,000 in case he’s ready to pick a World Cup ticket for Ghana.

$300k AFCON Winning Bonus

Not exclusively will Milovan earn substantial sums of money on the off chance that he directs Ghana to the World Cup, he likewise has the possibility of getting $300k additional reward on the off chance that he closes Ghana’s AFCON trophyless run. He will be given the typical winning reward (which currently remains at $5000 per game) however will make extra $300k for lifting the prize. Ghana has been pursuing the prize since they last won it in 1982. The last two events Ghana came to the last yet couldn’t lift the prize incorporated Milovan’s endeavors. He directed the Black Stars to the finals in 2010 yet lost the last by a solitary objective to Egypt. The FA is confident the Serb is the man to take the group to the finals for the third time since 2010.

Association with Player Agents/FIFA Intermediaries

Milovan’s agreement will be ended by the Ghana FA in case he’s observed to be locked in with organizations or middle people that deal with the exchanges and privileges of players. Such sort of commitment will be in direct infringement of terms of the agreement and furthermore breeds irreconcilable circumstance. So the Serb is truly banned from participating in such arrangements, assuming any.

Milovan to pay his own interpreter

During his first stretch with the Black Stars, Milovan Rajevac had an interpreter who was additionally paid by the Ghana FA and 11 years subsequent to leaving Ghana, the Serbian appears to have not found a way any way to chip away at his English. He actually strolls with his interpreter. Nonetheless, the story isn’t a similar this time. The interpreter will be with him okay yet Milovan should deal with his compensations/stipends without help from anyone else. The Ghana FA isn’t paying this time around.

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