Menzgold customers seeking parliamentary probe

• Aggrieved clients of Menzgold want Parliament to research the conclusion of the organization

• They showed that there is an absence of governments obligation to pay their secured reserves

• They spread the word about this for the press in Accra

Menzgold clients want Parliament to research the conclusion of the organization wherein their assets have been secured, three years after its breakdown.

As per the wronged clients, a test will set up the conditions which prompted the alleged vanishing of exactly 400 kilograms of gold bars during the time the Economic and Organized Crime Office (EOCO) shut down the organization.

The dead gold vendor association’s clients are moaning about the absence of government obligation to pay their locked reserves.

Fred Forson, representative for the bothered clients told writers in Accra on Tuesday, September 14, during a public interview that:

“We call on Parliament to research the conclusion of Menzgold including the pretended by SEC and EOCO just as the financial balances of the CEO and board individuals from Menzgold and Brew Marketing Companies. The whereabouts of about 400 kilograms of gold resources ought to likewise be explored.”

He added, “Ghana ought to as an issue of direness treat the irritating Menzgold issue as a crisis public disaster. We approach the public authority in the soul and inside the breeze of collaboration blowing in parliament to work intimately with the august house to track down an agreeable answer for this problem that clients discover themselves. Discovering an answer will end the annihilation of over 1,000,000 Ghanaians whose lives and very presence have been closed with the closure of Menzgold.”

Since the organization was imploded in 2018 after a suspension request from the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), the board of the gold business firm has been attempting to repay its clients.

They vowed to pay the clients their secured reserves, which have been falling behind financially for the beyond three years, yet that is yet to occur.

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