Four issues on which EC has challenged Mahama to provide evidence


• The EC has reacted to claims of abnormalities by John Mahama


• The Commission has requested proof comparable to four significant claims


• They have likewise requested that police test the issues raised by Mahama

The Electoral Commission addressed a public interview on Monday, October 25, 2021, essentially to react to late claims evened out against it by previous President John Dramani Mahama.

The previous President on his new ‘Thank You’ visits has pummeled the EC and its chairperson, Jean Mensah, over the direct of the 2020 General Elections which he has classed as the most noticeably awful under the fourth Republic.


The presser tended to by appointee EC Chairperson Bossman Asare disproved all charges evened out by Mahama with proof in their ownership yet additionally requested that the previous President profits whatever proof he needs to back his claims.

By and large, the EC requested proof on four significant claims. On the issue of 1,000,000 thumb-printed polling form papers for the occupant, voting form stuffing, job of the military in outcomes announcement and why EC ought to be faulted for constituent viciousness.

GhanaWeb gathers the specific expressions of Bossman Asare on each interest for proof:

Where is your proof on 1 million voting forms?

The Former President has said the EC thumb printed 1 million voting forms for the president. This is false. This is a grave matter that subverts the validity of our discretionary cycle and ought not be disregarded.

We approach him to give proof to help his case. This is certifiably not a make a difference to be disregarded and we approach the Ghana Police Service to research this.

Give proof on voting form stuffing

The straightforwardness of our cycles from the start to the end makes this inconceivable. Voting form Stuffing is impossible it is unthinkable. We approach the Former President in light of a legitimate concern for our majority rules system to give proof of the tampering with of the voting booths by the EC.

The Police ought to research this as an issue of direness because of its capability to wreck and subvert our popular government, and lead to an absence of trust in our frameworks and cycles.

Prove claims on military job in outcomes affirmation

We approach the great individuals of Ghana to ignore this claim of the military affecting the assertion and declaration of results as it is bogus and false.

In light of a legitimate concern for our majority rule government we approach the Former President to give proof of where the impact by the Military happened.

We have additionally noticed that the Former President has considered the 2020 decisions the most noticeably terrible races. We invalidate his scoring. The great individuals of Ghana who encountered our cycles are the best adjudicators.

Give proof concerning why security issues are the EC’s shortcoming

To lay the security slips at the doorstep of the EC is awful.

While we feel for the relatives of the perished, we reject any endeavor to connect the viciousness with us.

Once more, we approach the previous president in light of a legitimate concern for our majority rule government to give proof that the EC coordinated the savagery.

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