They threatened my life with acid attacks – Efia Odo explains absence at #FixTheCountry demo



Efia Odo made some damnatory charges against obscure people battling against the #Fixthecountry development.


She said she was unable to be available for the exhibit since they took steps to distort her face with corrosive bombs.


Talking on Peace FM, Efia Odo finger supporters of the current government as most likely suspect since her addresses conflicted with them.

She said, “I began to get demise dangers since I was talking about the sitting government. They said they would toss corrosive all over in the event that I go to the show. I don’t have a clue what it’s identity is, yet I was getting the calls. Indeed, even individuals from the FixTheCountry bunch convergers were getting calls. They even played it on air. My Facebook got hacked. I presently don’t have my Facebook fan page.”

Agreeing to Efia Odo, the idea of the aggressors safeguarded the personality of her assailants. Consequently she lost confidence in everything associated with the country. She uncovered that she would not make a conventional report inspired by a paranoid fear of her life, not realizing who was her ally or not.


“Report to the police? No, I’m grieved. I didn’t. I don’t confide in anything and anyone in this country. In the event that I announced, I didn’t have the foggiest idea what will occur. Also, thus, I didn’t remain at home for just about two months.


“Aside from the assaults I was getting, what truly made me stop was, my mother called me Ghana time 5 am. She called me crying. She said she realizes I have good intentions, yet this thing I am doing is a perilous game. So I should stop. Individuals in America were inquiring as to whether she doesn’t cherish her youngster? So my mother in a real sense cried on the telephone for 60 minutes, imploring me not to do this any longer.”

Efia Odo explained the injury her mom experienced her interest in the #Fixthecountry demo was torturing.

“God realizes I love my mother. All that I do is intended for my mother. So she is the justification for why I truly halted. So the passing dangers, I didn’t actually think often about them. I would have gone. I couldn’t have cared less with regards to those demise dangers and corrosive dangers. It was my mother that made me adjust my perspective overall fix the nation thing.

“In case I was who I am 3 or 4years prior, I would have said fix the nation when Mahama was in term. It doesn’t really matter to me who is the president. I couldn’t care less if the following four years NDC comes, I will say fix the country. Yet, not actually. They may attempt to come and say they going to kill me or some s**t. Fix the nation implies, fix the country,” she finished up.

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