There are no equal rights in marriage, submit to your husbands – Counsellor orders women


Counsellor Charlotte Oduro got into a sticky situation when she thought that people can never be equivalent in marriage. As indicated by the woman minister, ladies can’t keep their conjugal homes on the off chance that they don’t submit to their spouses.


Talking on the secrets of marriage, Counselor Charlotte Oduro uncovered that God appointed relationships will thrive if by some stroke of good luck certain conditions. One of which is ladies lowering and submitting themselves completely to their spouses.


“In the Bible in Ephesians section 5, it says at 32 that marriage is a secret. So in the event that you don’t get God, you can’t be hitched. You will have a wedding, yet you will separate. Marriage isn’t about ‘I have gone to class’, ‘I have a declaration’ or ‘I have a PhD.’ Most ladies need lowliness. Also, when you say it, then, at that point, the ladies say we are equivalent. No, there are no equivalent rights with regards to marriage. The man is the man, the lady is the lady. We should not battle about it.

“With regards to marriage, lowliness is the sign of a spouse. Also, love is intended for men. As a lady, if you like it, regardless of how rich you are or the position you hold, a man is a man. What’s more, that is their concern. So when she goes into marriage, and she must be modest and submit to her significant other and use supplication to push the man, most ladies track down this hard.”

Fire up Charlotte likewise revealed that spouses ought to consistently wipe the slate clean in any event, when they cheat.


Each man needs harmony. Regardless he has done, give him harmony. Also, at the perfect opportunity, you converse with him about it.

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