1.75% E-levy: Government in talks with telcos – Ken Ofori-Atta


Ken Ofori-Atta introduced 1.75% e-demand


Govt expenses and charges were additionally expanded by 15%


Ken Ofori-Atta says govt is connecting with telcos on the new duty

During the introduction of the 2022 spending plan named ‘Agyenkwa spending plan’, the Finance Minister, Ken Ofori-Atta introduced another 1.75% duty on all electronic exchanges, for example, Mobile cash exchanges, settlements, and other electronic exchanges.

Expenses and charges of taxpayer-driven organizations have additionally been expanded by 15%.


Ofori-Atta in his spending plan show to Parliament clarified, “It is turning out to be clear there exists a tremendous potential to build charge incomes by bringing into the expense section, exchanges that could be best characterized as being attempted in the casual economy.

“As such government is charging a material pace of 1.75% on all electronic exchanges covering portable cash installments, bank moves, dealer installments, and internal settlements, which will be borne by the sender aside from internal settlements, which will be borne by the beneficiary.”

“To defend endeavors being made to upgrade monetary incorporation and secure the powerless, all exchanges that amount to GH¢100 or less each day, which is roughly ¢3000 each month, will be absolved from this duty,” Ofori-Atta uncovered.

Yet, addressing Parliamentarians on Tuesday, November 30, during the endorsement of the financial plan after it was dismissed by the House on Friday, November 26, the Finance Minister showed that the public authority of Ghana is having conversations with the different media communications organizations more than the 1.75% proposed E-demand.

“We have considered the issues of the 1.75% e-demand in which we are in conversations with the telcos and to downsize to direct their effect so that eventually, the effect on the populace will be manageable,” Ken Ofori-Atta told the MPs.


“We have 11million individuals who are youth and we have in this spending plan, presented the biggest ever youth program of GHC10 billion to guarantee that the enterprising country that we look for will be accomplished and the issues of the profanity of occupations and nobility of our childhood working will be things of the part,” he added.

The Finance Minister’s assertion was in light of certain worries raised by the Minority gathering over the duty.

The Minority in an assertion requested that the public authority “suspend the e-impose and appropriately draw in partners to settle on a sensible arrangement.

“The approach isn’t moderate, not favorable to poor, and doesn’t uphold the much-promoted digitalization plan and money light economy that we as a whole long for.”


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